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Frames films are unique in a sense that they are produced by youth - for youth.
The Frames Film Program A Vancouver Film Program for Youth

Each ten-week cycle focuses on a specific theme or topic in which the group produces a short film or Public Services Announcement (PSA) for a partnered organization. With the help of the filmmaker facilitator and notable film industry guest speakers, participants are taught essential filmmaking skills: from storyboarding and using a camera to editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.


The educational learning process allows the group to collectively create a film that amplifies their voice while vicariously providing them an opportunity to share and establish a greater feeling of connection with their community.


At the end of each cycle, the program hosts a film screening where members of the community are invited to celebrate the success of the participants – and of course, see the youth-made films!


And if you're not able to make it to one of our screenings, take a moment and browse our website to see all of the films that have been produced over the last five years!

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